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Knicks 0-6 in Orange, Can Stop Wearing New Unis Anytime

Knicks Orange Uniform

Following their 114-73 blowout loss to the Boston Celtics yesterday, the New York Knicks are now a disastrous 0-6 when wearing their brand new all-orange alternate uniforms. The Knicks are a not-so-hot-but-nowhere-near-as-bad 5-8 when wearing anything else in 2013-14.

According to Marc Berman’s article in today’s New York Post, an NBA official clarified the rules on teams wearing alternate uniforms…

“The NBA official told The Post the Knicks can wear the uniforms a maximum of 18 times this season and no fewer than six times under league rules.”

Some quick math here, 0 wins + 6 losses = 6 games, the minimum is met, they’re free to drop the uniforms for 2013-14 right now if they wanted to.

How do the players feel? Well, apparently Knicks point guard Raymond Felton ordered the jerseys removed from the locker room when they were laid out for players to wear before their game on Friday. The team took the court wearing their regular white jerseys and proceeded to absolutely destroy the Orlando Magic 121-83.

“It was a little joke two days ago. Nothing to joke about now. I’m not in a joking mood. I’m not superstitious about anything. You play in whatever you play in, whatever jersey colour, whatever shoes.” – Felton told the NY Post.

Former Syracuse Orange alum, and current Knick Carmelo Anthony agreed with his teammate:

“I’m not a superstitious guy, I won’t blame it on the orange jerseys. We could’ve lost in the white uniforms today.’’

No word from the Knicks if they plan on being superstitious about the uniforms and ditch them early, they’re still scheduled to wear them for future home weekend games.

New York Knicks 2013-14 Results Wearing Orange

Oct 31 vs Chicago L 81-82
Nov 3 vs Minnesota L 100-109
Nov 10 vs San Antonio L 89-120
Nov 16 vs Atlanta L 90-110
Dec 1 vs New Orleans L 99-103
Dec 8 vs Boston L 73-114

Future Scheduled Orange Games

Dec 14 vs Atlanta
Dec 21 vs Memphis
Jan 26 vs LA Lakers
Feb 1 vs Miami
Mar 15 vs Milwaukee
Mar 23 vs Cleveland
Apr 13 vs Chicago