New Charlotte Hornets Logos Coming Next Weekend

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The Charlotte Hornets return to the NBA will feel that much more closer to reality next weekend when the Charlotte Bobcats are expected to unveil the new logos they’ll use when they completely rebrand their team for next season.

The new logo and jersey wordmark (not uniform) will be unveiled at halftime during the Bobcats game against the Utah Jazz on Saturday, December 21st. The game has a 7:30pm ET tipoff time.

From the Bobcats’ press release:

The game will serve as the official unveiling of the Charlotte Hornets brand identity and will include the introduction of logos and wordmarks that will be utilized when the Hornets name returns for the 2014–15 NBA season. Bobcats Chairman Michael Jordan will lead the unveiling event during a special on-court ceremony at halftime.

At the moment all we know is that the primary team colours will be purple and teal with secondary colours of light blue, black, and grey as previously released by team via the graphic below:

Charlotte Hornets 2014-15 Pantone Color Scheme

There’s been no hint as to what the team will use for their new logo, based on the retro name and colour scheme we’re just going to assume we’ll see a slightly modernized version of the 1990’s Charlotte Hornets logo.

During their first stint in Charlotte the Hornets only used the following logo, officially, throughout their playing time in the Queen City:

Charlotte Hornets Primary Logo 1988-2002

After relocating to New Orleans in 2002 the logo received a couple of modernizations first to the font style and then finally Hugo the Hornet’s first change:

New Orleans Hornets 2002-2013

“We are excited to introduce to our fans the next step in our overall brand identity as we transition to the Hornets. Our fans were the driving force to bring back the Hornets name and we wanted to share this announcement with them.” – Bobcats President Fred Whitfield

Check back here after halftime of the Bobcats-Jazz game next Saturday, probably sometime around 9pm ET, to see the new logos.

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