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Mr. Met Added to New York Mets 2014 Uniforms

Mr. Met Logo

Longtime New York Mets mascot “Mr. Met” will be making his regular season on-uniform début in 2014.

The Mets will be adding a patch showing Mr. Met in a running pose, the same logo as what’s currently on their BP caps, to the sleeves of their two blue alternate jerseys. You can see a photo of the new patch on the home blue jersey from a photo on the Mets online shop here:

New York Mets Blue Home Alternate Jersey 2014

Oddly enough, Mr. Met won’t be the only large baseball-headed running mascot referred to as “Mr.” to be worn on a Major League uniform (such a specific category)… the Cincinnati Reds have had various versions of “Mr. Redlegs” on one uniform or another since 1999.

Mr. Met, Mr. Redlegs

The familiar skyline logo will still be worn as a patch on the Mets home cream, road grey, and home alternate white jerseys. The new camouflage jerseys use only an American flag on the sleeve.

New York Mets 2013 BP Uniform
Mr. Met on the NY Mets BP caps in 2013