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New York Rangers Unveil Stadium Series Uniform

Rangers Stadium Series Jersey

The New York Rangers unveiled their 2014 NHL Stadium Series uniforms today via a video posted to their official web site.

The new uniform is white and follows the Reebok Stadium Series jersey template:

Abbreviated lacing… check
Shoulder yoke which goes up in the back to highlight the Reebok logo… check
Slanted sleeve jersey numbers… check
Chrome logo on chest… check
Giant skinny numbers on back… check

New York Rangers 2014 Stadium Series Uniform

Unlike the rest of the bunch so far, the logo on the front ISN’T the one we saw unveiled with the rest of the “chromified” logos back in November — the Rangers will stick with their traditional diagonal script (yes, it’s chromified) across the front but it will read “NEW YORK” instead of the usual “RANGERS”. Their chromified shield logo is on the shoulder of the new jersey.

The numbers on the uniform are blue with silver and red drop shadows, the colour scheme and general look of the jersey instantly brings the long retired white “Statue of Liberty” uniforms to mind:

New York Rangers White Statue of Liberty Uniform

Up next is the Chicago Blackhawks, expected to unveil their jersey later today. The New Jersey Devils have been rumoured to simply be using their old 1980s red and green uniforms with the chrome logo, jersey and unveil date for theirs are both yet to be unveiled.

Check out the video from the Rangers unveiling via the link below: