EuroBasket 2015 Mascot Contest Launched

euroBasket 2015 Mascot ContestIf you’ve ever had dreams of designing a sports mascot but didn’t want to bother with working with or as a legitimate design firm, well, here’s your chance.

The EuroBasket 2015 Local Organizing Commitee has launched a contest for fans to design the mascot for the FIBA EuroBasket 2015 tournament in Ukraine.

EuroBasket is the main basketball competition played every two years by the men’s national teams governed by FIBA Europe.

“The mascot is an essential component of any major sporting event. It has to represent not only the spirit of the competition and the host country, but also to inspire and bring joyful emotions. That’s why we aim to attract a wide range of specialists for the creation of the EuroBasket 2015 mascot.” commented Tournament Director Markian Lubkivskiy

This contest is open to everyone and anyone and will be running for the next month.

Creative agencies and independent authors can hand in their works up until 14 February 2014. The proposal should include a sketch of the mascot, the history of its creation and its name. The LOC is set to offer a monetary reward of 15 000 UAH for the development of the mascot.

15,000 UAH (Ukrainian Hryvnia) is equivalent to about $1,800 US… which is actually a pretty decent prize for a fan design contest.

EuroBasket 2015 Ukraine Logo

There are some requirements/guidelines the EuroBasket people are looking for in the design, from the official rules page:

1. The mascot should represent the host country Ukraine, its authenticity, character and dignity. National elements, the colours of the national flag (blue and yellow) must be present.

2. While developing the mascot the following characteristics should be considered:
– Mobility: the ability to move, run, jump, throw the ball.
– Interactivity: the ability to embrace children, shake hands, hold things.
– The main characteristics of the mascot: cheerful, friendly, sociable, smart, active, quick.
– Height: tall.
– Age: young, full of energy.
– Head: head shape, hair colour
– Eyes: expression
– Clothing: Ukraine national colours (blue and yellow) must be present.

3. The mascot should also represent: passion, admiration, power, respect, team spirit and challenge.

4. The mascot especially aimed for children and adolescents, but should also be positively perceived by adults.

5. The mascot will be used in animation video, so his expressions, posture and gestures should be further easily modifiable.

6. The mascot will be used in the production of souvenirs and various merchandise (toys, key rings, magnets, etc.).

The proposal must include the name of the mascot – a simple, easy to remember and to pronounce, the most relevant to basketball as possible. It is desirable that the name is well perceived by speakers of different languages, especially in Ukrainian and English.

The proposal should include a history of the mascot: Where the idea of the mascot came from, its basic characteristics, what the mascot loves and does.

If you think you can design something that meets all those expectations, well, then good on ya, give a shot, they’re accepting submissions until February 14, 2014 and you can email your proposals to