Are These the New Uniforms for the Nets & Hornets?

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Amidst all of the news about sleeved jerseys and shorts that look more like the side of a New York subway than something you’d see on a basketball court, you’d be shocked to learn that there are actually NBA-related uniform rumors that don’t include sleeves! Well, in this case, of the 2 rumors that Uni-Watch’s Paul Lukas is reporting per his source, one of the uniforms is reported to have sleeves, but the other does not! The two teams involved are the Brooklyn Nets & the Charlotte Hornets, and both teams should have some very interesting looks, as you’ll see below.

Mockup 1

First, the Hornets’ “inaugural” uniforms look to be progressively simple: Only two colors are present on the home uniforms, and according to Lukas’ source, there are teal and purple versions of these uniforms, with purple lettering on the teal jerseys and teal lettering on the purple jerseys. They all follow the same general design as the uniform above. Lukas also noted that the source was very sure to say this wasn’t the finished design, so this simple look could look much different by the time we see the finished product. Either way, the revived Hornets should have a very interesting look if it continues to progress down this path.

Mockup 2

The next bit of news has to do with the Brooklyn Nets, and it appears that they’ll be going back to the past, in a way. According to the source, the uniforms appear to be the same as what the team wore in the days of Dr. J, except with 2 caveats: The uniform is in the present-day black-&-white colors of the Brooklyn Nets, and this uniform will have sleeves. Lukas speculated that these could be part of the NBA’s all-sleeved Heritage jerseys that are set to roll out next year, & the fact that it’s a sleeved jersey with some sort of tie to the city or the team’s history lends credence to the theory that this could be one of next season’s Heritage jerseys. Either way, it looks like the Nets may be preparing to put a modern spin on their classic ABA uniforms.

Again, we reiterate the source’s claims that we aren’t sure what stage of design these uniforms are from, they *could* be prototypes, we *could* see something completely different once they are unveiled, and it’s possible that they could even be final designs. But they are definitely in the works, so Nets fans, Hornets fans, and basketball fans of teams that don’t have “Nets” in their names can start looking forward to something coming out of the Brooklyn & Charlotte camps. But what do you think? If these came out tomorrow, would you like them or would you want them to toss them somewhere else?