Broncos Hope to Buck the Trend, Go Orange for Super Bowl

Broncos Orange Jersey 2013

The Denver Broncos have announced that they will wear their home orange jerseys when they take the field next Sunday for Super Bowl XLVIII.

During the 2013 regular season and playoffs, the Broncos wore the orange jerseys ten times, winning nine of those games. In those ten games the Broncos averaged 36.6 points while their opponents scored an average of 21.3, a difference of 15.3 per game. Those are some good stats.

While the Broncos have had great success this season in the orange, history shows that those in orange jerseys don’t fare too well in the Super Bowl…

Three teams have worn an orange jersey for the big game – all of whom were the Denver Broncos. In all of those games they’ve lost by multiple touchdowns, and have never scored more (or less, oddly enough) than 10 points in a single game:

Orange Jerseys in the Super Bowl

If these stats mean anything (and, quite honestly, they don’t), it’ll certainly be a rough go for the Broncos.

We’re still waiting to hear what the Seahawks will be wearing, they certainly won’t be wearing blue as the Broncos are wearing their “dark” jerseys. So it’s either their road whites or the very untraditional (perfect for the Seahawks) alternate grey.

Well, what’s their best combo?

It’s the alternate grey jersey with grey pants… a perfect 3-0 over the past two seasons.

Seahawks All Grey Uniform

If they’re set on going with a traditional road white, then they need to either pair them with the white (3-3) or blue pants (2-1). Although it looks fantastic, a white-and-grey combo (0-3) needs to be avoided at all costs.