Miami Heat to Wear Road Throwback Uniforms


The Miami Heat (with the help of “Kickstart” by Mountain Dew) have unveiled yet another set of alternate uniforms, though these aren’t exactly new. In fact, the “new” jerseys that had a flashing unveiling via are actually the Heat’s inaugural road uniforms, which debuted back in the 1988-89 season, their first in the NBA.


The Heat will be wearing these uniforms for their next few home games, including last night’s tilt with the Los Angeles Lakers.


The Heat have worn throwbacks before (& an absolute plethora other alternate uniforms as well), but they’ve either been of the red variety or they were uniforms that were worn by the old Miami Floridians. This appears to be the first time that they’ve worn these throwbacks since they were mothballed back in 1999 in favor of their current uniforms.


Even if the Heat never came close to being on top of the NBA (like they are right now) during their run in these uniforms, it must be nice for the fans who have been around since the early days of the club to see the current crop of stars wearing the uniforms that former players such as Alonzo Mourning, Glen Rice, Tim Hardaway, and Rony Seikaly wore.


What are your thoughts? Should the Heat have left these uniforms in the archives? Do you think it was really necessary unveil throwback jerseys as if they were new? Are you impressed with the fact that the Heat have managed to take advantage of having LeBron James (among other stars) help them make a ridiculous amount of money off of jersey sales by having him take the court in an avalanche of different uniforms? Let us know your thoughts on this story!