Tampa Bay Buccaneers Reveal “Enhanced” Logos and Helmet


After announcing earlier this week that a new helmet would be unveiled tonight on the NFL Network’s Total Access show, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have officially unveiled their new “enhanced” logos and helmet. Although the “enhanced” logo isn’t radically different, the helmet itself has received a pretty glossy facelift.

Bucs Logos

For the logos, the Bucs have updated all of the colors to what appears to be more vibrant shades of their previously used colors. As you can see, the skull, sword, and football have all been enhanced for a bit of a bolder look. It also appears that silver has been added to the Bucs’ identity. In addition to an updated primary logo, Tampa Bay also unveiled an updated wordmark, an update of their previous pirate ship logo, and a secondary wordmark as well.

Bucs Logo

Meanwhile, the helmet has received a chrome makeover, from the shell to the facemask. The flag logo on the helmet has also been enlarged substantially, to the point where the handle of the sword nearly flows into the earhole of the helmet and the flag is broken by another hole near the back of the helmet.

Bucs3The official image of the helmet from the Bucs’ website gives a pretty different look at the helmet, to the point where the pewter helmet almost looks black when it’s in a black background. There’s a possibility that the helmet’s shell could be subject to color changes while it’s in various forms of light, but for now, we’ll say that it’s a lighter shade of pewter than what the following image suggests.


Bucs Logos 3

In addition to unveiling the new helmet and logos, the Buccaneers announced that there will be “enhanced” uniforms to go along with the new look. If the logos & helmet are any indication, the new uniforms should have subtle, yet bold changes. But what do you think? Are you a fan of the new logos? Or do you think that they should have stuck with the old set? As always, we’d love to hear how you feel about the newly “enhanced” look for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.