Phillies Farm Team Unveils Bacon-Themed Uniforms

LV IronPigs Bacon

Chihuahuas, Fightin’ Ostriches, Rubber Ducks, and now… bacon. Minor League Baseball certainly smells a little more delicious after today.

The graphic design team at Brandiose have done it again, this time with the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, the Triple-A International League affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies.

New IronPigs Uniforms 2014
The three new IronPigs jerseys for the 2014 season

The IronPigs unveiled three new alternate uniforms today via a website set up specifically for the launch. The existing home and road set remains unchanged heading into 2014 save for slight adjustments to font size and cap designations.

“We worked tirelessly over the last year to develop new identities that not only embody the rich tradition of the Lehigh Valley but also the spirit of the IronPigs and our fans.” – IronPigs President & G.M. Kurt Landes

IronPigs Bacon Jersey
Bacon caps, bacon underscores… brilliant.

What caught everyone’s attention was the new “Saturday Home” uniform which comes with a strip of bacon across the front of the silver cap (not powder blue as the photograph directly above may suggest) and a red jersey reading “‘Pigs” across the chest. The underscore on “‘Pigs” is also a strip of bacon because… of course it is, why shouldn’t it be?

LV IronPigs Bacon Cap 2014

Did I mention the piping down the side of each pant leg is also bacon?

Because it’s totally bacon.

Moving onto the non-bacon uniforms…

IronPigs Friday Uniform
Black cap, black jersey, black… pants?!

The new “Friday Home” alternate jersey pays tribute to “Lehigh Valley’s rich steelmaking history” by way of a “Molten Red” IronPigs logo on the cap as well as a black jersey with “steel-plated chrome lettering” and (here’s something new) black pants.

The Toronto Blue Jays *almost* tried something similar back in 2004 with a dark graphite (practically black) uniform from head-to-toe, they eventually (and thankfully) changed their mind before ever playing a game in the unconventional outfit.

IronPigs Liberty Bell 2014
Lehigh Valley’s new Liberty Bell logo on powder blue cap

For Sunday it’s a modern nod to the Philadelphia Phillies teams of the 1980s, the ‘Pigs powder blue mesh pullover jersey from 2013 is now paired with a new powder blue cap featuring a Liberty Bell. A nice nod to the IronPigs brand on the Liberty Bell logo, the bell is held up by an I-Beam.

All the new gear is available for purchase now at the official IronPigs website