Is this the New St Louis Blues Logo?

St Louis Blues Logo 2015

We’ve heard whispers round here that the St. Louis Blues are getting a new look for the 2014-15 NHL season. They’re fairly reliable whispers, basically we’re pretty sure that there is a change to their logo and their uniforms coming soon.

So naturally my attention was grabbed this week when I received an email claiming to have seen a new logo that the Blues were considering for next season.

The logo shown in the email was basically the alternate jersey logo used these past few seasons but cleaned up (to remove that unnecessary bevelling), lightened colours, and the team establishment date added. It looked pretty sharp.

The photo I received from this tipster is below:

Blues New Logo Screenshot

Yes, I’m usually quite wary of a cellphone picture off a computer screen, and the source of this information is not anyone I’ve received information from before, so I cannot confirm this potential leak as being the real deal… but it just seems like something the Blues would use as a new primary. So I’m throwing it out there as “plausible”.

A higher quality side-by-side comparison of the current alternate and this potential new logo:

This wouldn’t be the first time the Blues promoted an alternate to primary, in 1997-98 the Blues white alternate jersey featured a modernized bluenote logo. By the 1998-99 season that new bluenote was the full-time primary logo with a new blue road uniform created to match – this is the same bluenote logo the team uses today.

The new look also bears a resemblance to the primary logo used by the team in the early 1980s, perhaps a subtle nod?

New Blues Logo Similar to 1980 Logo

We’ll see what else we can find about this potential leak in the coming days — again we stress that we cannot confirm this logo as being the real deal at this time.


New St Louis Blues Logo 2015