US Soccer Officially Unveils Primary World Cup Kit


In what has to be one of the worst kept secrets in recent memory, the United States Men’s National Soccer Team (and the rest of US Soccer’s national teams) unveiled their primary kit for the upcoming 2014 World Cup, and while the hoops are still there (somewhat), the patriotism from the previous kits that were used for the latter part of World Cup Qualifying and the most recent Gold Cup are definitely long gone.


The shirt has been floating around the internet for what seems like months now, and when the term “worst kept secret” was invoked earlier in this story, this is what we were talking about. However, the details of the shirt are still very relevant: The crest has changed colors, from navy blue & dark red to royal blue and a lighter shade of red. The hoops that were so prominent on the previous shirt have now been toned down significantly to the point that they are now sublimated and probably won’t be visible from a fair distance away. The color and sleeves are outlined with red trim.


The only news that’s really new here is what the USMNT will be wearing below the shirts. The shorts are also white with a red stripe along the sides and blue numbers on the left leg. The kit is rounded out with white socks with a blue Swoosh around the shin area.


While the US have worn white-on-white kits on plenty of occasions (it was even their primary look for the 2010 World Cup), it’s still a bit strange to see them go this plain with it, to the point that they could be mistaken for our good friends across the pond and what they’ve worn in recent years.

This is what England wore back in 2009. Look familiar?

To be fair, FIFA’s new (and somewhat silly) rule about not having  contrasting kit elements (such as dark shirts with light shorts or vice versa) may have forced US Soccer and Nike’s hand here, but it’s still a very plain look that they’ve decided to go with here. With that being said, in our opinion it’s definitely not a bad look at all for US Soccer, even if it’s somewhat devoid of the strong identity that came with their previous kits. What do you think? Do you agree that it’s a bit plain, or do you prefer this type of look for the Americans?