All Retro in Raptors New 20th Season Logo

Toronto Raptors 20th

They may be high atop the Atlantic Division standings but it appears the Toronto Raptors are already starting to look to next season… and they’re doing so by looking to seasons past. If that makes any sense.

Next year the Raptors will be competing in their 20th National Basketball Association season, yeah seriously, it’s been 20 seasons since their 1995-96 inaugural campaign.

The 20th season logo is purple, silver, and black – the colour scheme the team used from 1995/96 through 2005/06 – and features the silver “Raptors” wordmark which was worn on their home and road uniforms during their first four seasons in the NBA, you remember those ones… the ones with the giant basketball-dribbling raptor on the front.

Toronto Raptors anniversary logos past and future
Toronto Raptors anniversary logos past and future

All you see from the current identity is the “Basketclaw logo (I totally just made up that name for it, remember this if you see it elsewhere) inside a circle, it’s been the Raps’ de facto primary (but *officially* the alternate) brand since 2008/09.

“This anniversary logo embodies the excitement of both the future and the past of Raptors basketball, but most importantly, it reminds us of the success and history we’re working to create here. The next year promises to be one of the most important yet in team history as we celebrate the Raptors’ 20th anniversary, but also prepare for the chance to welcome the world with the 2016 NBA all-star game.” – Tim Leiweke, President/CEO of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment

The Toronto Raptors will wear this logo as a patch on their uniforms throughout the 2014/15 season, which will be their last before a complete “you won’t even recognize them anymore” re-design for the 2015/16 season.