Baylor’s “Made In March” Uniforms Outlawed By NCAA


In case you may have missed it last week, adidas rolled out a series of uniforms for schools such as Kansas, Michigan, and Louisville, among others that are intended to be worn during the offseason conference and national tournaments. While most of the designs were pretty simple (even the sleeved ones like UCLA’s set) and relatively conservative compared to last season’s Zubaz Madness, one set got a little bit crazy. That set belonged to the Baylor Bears.


Not only were the jerseys sleeved, they utilized two wildly different shades of green, which easily gave the Bears the most unique look of the entire bunch. Unfortunately, adidas and Baylor overlooked a major part of the NCAA basketball rulebook which will end up preventing these uniforms from seeing the light of an arena during the postseason. Surely this is disappointing news for Baylor alumnus and current NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III, who was so excited about the new uniforms that he modeled it.


What was the reason behind the ban on these jerseys? Was it the wild colors? Surely it couldn’t be the sleeves. Instead, the element that ran afoul of NCAA rules was the wordmark on the front.  From Baylor’s basketball twitter account:


So therefore, unless Baylor and adidas can quickly manufacture some new uniforms with “Baylor” instead of “Sic Em” on the front, then maybe they’ll be able to wear those highlight-bright uniforms on the court. But for now, it looks like a no-go. What do you think? Are you a fan of the rule or not? Let us know!