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Jarrett Jack Latest NBA Player To Decry Sleeved Jerseys


The sleeved jersey movement is going strong as ever. Just yesterday, the Bulls debuted their green St. Patrick’s Day jerseys that had sleeves on them. This is after the Celtics also had sleeved St. Patty’s Day jerseys. This is after the Noche Latina series of jerseys rolled out with sleeves. This is before the Brooklyn Nets will take to the court wearing blue-and-gray Brooklyn Dodger-inspired sleeved jerseys. That’s just to name a few examples of sleeved jerseys in the NBA this season. So to state the obvious, there’s no stopping this fad right now.


However, one thing that comes with the territory of change is people complaining about the change, and the latest player to complain about the sleeved jerseys is Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Jarrett Jack. Jack came out with some strong words when it came to the sleeved jerseys, which you can read below, from SI’s article on the subject:


“We’re like the Beach Police,” Jack told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “You know those police who are on the beach with those bikes? They’ve got those little shirts with the shorts? That’s what we look like. Like we about to give somebody a citation.”

He went on to add that the jerseys “felt a little snug” and that they make NBA players “look like a volleyball team.”


This is on the heels of LeBron James himself coming out and saying that he wasn’t exactly thrilled with the uniforms. Many other players (such as Stephen Curry and Kendall Marshall) have come out against the jerseys for one reason or another. However, there have been a few (such as Shane Battier) who have either ocme out in support of the sleeved jerseys or understand the main reason why the fad is not going away anytime soon.


‘What is that reason,’ you ask? It’s money. What else could it be? Despite the fact that the NBA has said on multiple occasions that they’d put the kibosh on the jerseys if enough players complained about it, the fact of the matter is that if the sleeved jerseys sell well (which, according to adidas, they are), then they’ll keep on coming out with even more, even if players like Brook Lopez want to burn them all.


But what about you? Have you bought youself a sleeved jersey or two? Or have you tried to stay as far away as possible from those things? We’d love to hear what you think on the subject, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!