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Photos: Goin Green on St Patricks Day 2014

New York Mets St Patricks Day 2014 Cap

Happy day after St. Patrick’s Day!

In case you were too busy celebrating (or working… it was a Monday after all) you may have missed on how pro sports teams around North America marked the annual tribute to Ireland.

As always several teams traded in their usual colours for green for the day, most just went with a green version of their standard cap but others – like the Boston Red Sox and Detroit Tigers – went with a matching green jersey. Some exceptions to this, of course… The New York Mets dressed up their mascot as a leprechaun for their cap logo as seen in the photo at the top of this post, the Cincinnati Reds wore a white uniform but with all the logos and caps in green, and the LA Angels proved that sometimes subtle is best by adding a shamrock to their standard BP tops and making their usually silver halo green:

Angels St Pats

Hey, Major League Baseball… can we see more subtle celebrations like this, please? Like on Memorial Day? Pretty please??

In basketball, as is the case with any holiday, we had teams in sleeved uniforms, this time the Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls. While the Celtics typically wear green their St Patrick’s uniforms used gold instead of white as the trim colour… and, as mentioned earlier, they were sleeved. Chicago’s uniforms were simple sleeved, green versions of their standard look. Photos in the gallery at the bottom of this post.

The NHL might do this holiday the best of the three leagues who play this time of year. Except for the whole templating thing they seem to have fallen into. A handful of teams wore green and white warmup jerseys prior to their games over the weekend and yesterday, as you’ll see from the photos in the gallery they’re all the same design. Green with silver accents, shamrock on each shoulder, team logo in green and white. The Pittsburgh Penguins added a U.S. flag to the sleeve of their St. Pats jersey (let’s be honest, this version of the holiday is very American), while the Boston Bruins added silver squares at the numbers and captain patches area.

They weren’t playing yesterday but the New Jersey Devils will mark the holiday by wearing these beauty retro uniforms tonight:

Devils green red

The Devils have done this in the past for their March 17th game, the closest thing to an alternate uniform the team has ever used.

And now, the photo gallery… we’re probably missing a couple in here, if you notice anything just give us a shout in the comments with a link to a photo and we’ll add it!