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NBA May Drop Sleeved Jerseys Due To Player Complaints


Last week, we shared the news about Jarrett Jack & LeBron James (among many other players) complaining about the sleeved jerseys. Jarrett Jack figured that they looked dumb. LeBron was of the belief that it affected his performance. When the best basketball player in the world says that his uniforms are hindering his performance, people tend to listen. One man who is going to listen to LeBron air his grievances about the jerseys will be the NBA Commissioner (and one of the forces behind the sleeved jersey movement) Adam Silver.

In fact, according to Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck, the commissioner has listened to LeBron talk about the sleeves and has even gotten to the point where they may consider dropping the sleeved jerseys entirely. From Beck’s article:

“Ultimately, if the players don’t like them, we’ll move on to something else…I don’t regret doing it for this season. But it’s intended to be something fun for the fans and the players. And if it becomes a serious issue, as to whether players should be wearing sleeves, we’ll likely move onto other things.”

Although the sleeved jerseys are supposedly lucrative to the league (according to adidas because of course), the NBA is keeping the interests of the most important people in the league in their thoughts: The players. If the players keep on complaining about it, then it appears that the sleeved jerseys are probably on their way out.

Could this look become a thing of the past?
Could this look become a thing of the past?

So what do you think? Are you glad to see that NBA players are trying their hardest to get rid of the sleeves? Or did this come as disappointing news? Considering some of the feedback we’ve gotten recently, I’d go with the former. We’d still love to hear what you think, though.