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Portland Trail Blazers Are Letting Fans Vote On New Two-Toned Court


The Portland Trail Blazers announced Thursday evening on their official Twitter account that they will be going to a brand new court design for the 2014-15 season. Since this is the age of giving the fans a voice to be heard with, the Blazers are allowing the fans to vote on what the next court design will be. One thing that all three designs have in common is that they all have two-toned hardwood designs. Other than that, every court has a different feature, which we’ll go through below.

Design #1


The first design is from Andrew Stalheim of Vancouver, Washington. This particular design is pretty plain, with the only splashes of team colors occurring at center court and on the baselines, where the “Rip City” wordmark are situated in the middle. The area inside of the 3-point arc has a darker stain than the rest of the court, except for the top of the key, which is stained the same as the rest of the court.

Design #2

BlazersCourt2The second choice is designed by Austen Flint of Klameth Falls, Oregon. This look has considerably more color than the first design, with black sidelines/baselines adorned with the team’s primary wordmarks across each baseline and the “Rip City” wordmark at the bottom-center sideline. This time, most of the floor outside of the 3-point arcs have darker stains, with the area inside of the 3-point arc having the lighter stain. The key has a brighter shade of red than on the first court, though this may be due to the fact that there’s a lighter stain of wood in this area than in the first court.

Design #3

BlazersCourt3The final design comes to us from Foster Lavender, also from Vancouver. This time, the only time we see team colors are at center court and outside of the court of play, with the “Rip City” wordmarks placed at each baseline and the primary Trail Blazers wordmark centered on the bottom sideline. Instead, the main design here comes in the form of the wood, which (in the court of pla) is tiled at a slant instead of a straight line on the previous two courts. The only part of the court that is stained is the interior of the 3-point arc, except for the key. If the first design was plain, then this is barebones.

For reference, here’s the current design from our section on the Blazers:

So there you have it: The Blazers will be going to one of the three designs above. Now, it’s up to the fans to decide which design will the team play hoops on next season. Which one do you think is going to win the fan vote (which you can vote on here)?