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Rochester Red Wings Reveal New Uniforms For 2014 Season


Earlier this offseason, the Rochester Red Wings unveiled their new, updated logo set with new hats and we promised you that new uniforms would be coming “in another few weeks.” Well, another few weeks turned into another few months, but they’re finally here, as the Red Wings unveiled their new uniforms on Friday. They also had a unique way of unveiling the unis on their twitter account, as they revealed the 3 new uniforms to their twitter followers via Vine.

Credit to @jmand1 for this photo
Credit to @jmand1 for this photo

The home uniforms are traditional white with black piping on the jersey and pants. The stylized wordmark on the chest is red outlined in black, while the numbers are the inverse. The logo on the lefthand sleeve appears to be this particular alternate logo.


The road uniform is gray with black piping, but there are plenty of differences between this uniform and the home uniform. For starters, there is no piping on the center of the jersey, and instead of seeing a stylized “Rochester” wordmark across the chest, the city’s name is placed in red block letters with a black outline, and is arched as well. The numbers appear to be block numbers as well. We can’t make out what the sleeve logo is, but when better images come out, be sure to check back here because we’ll be sure to have them for you.


The alternate uniform is a pretty modern-looking uniform; It’s a black jersey with red piping, with the bird’s head logo from the home cap outlined in white on the player’s left chest, with red numbers outlined in white in the same font as the numbers on the home jersey on the other side, but placed a bit lower. The thick piping along sleeves of the jersey are a bit reminiscent of something you’d see on one of the older MLB batting practice templates from recent memory. Also of note: A new alternate hat was unveiled, and it’s probably the simplest hat of the bunch. It’s red with a black brim, with the white stylized “R” logo outlined in black on the crown.

Credit to @ThadBrown7 for this image
Credit to @ThadBrown7 for this image

Overall, it’s a pretty varying set for the Red Wings, as each uniform has its own meta-identity in the grand scheme of the overall identity for the Triple-A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins. But what do you think? Did the uniforms do the logos justice? As always, let us know how you feel in the comments section below!