US Soccer Reveals Popsicle-Esque Clash Kits


After US Soccer revealed their primary kits for the upcoming 2014 World Cup (which look a lot like what England will be wearing), there was a lot of speculation as to what the corresponding clash kits would look like. Would it be similarly plain like what England did, or would we get something somewhat out of left field? Instead, we got a happy medium, even if the design itself may remind you of a cold, tasty Summertime treat or a nice, warm pizza.


The kit’s dominant color is red, which is everywhere on the kit (from the socks, to the shorts, to the sleeve cuffs, to the vast majority of the back of the jersey) and is only broken up by a thick white stripe that runs across the chest, which leads to the shoulder of the shirt being blue. The crest itself is also monochrome; Mostly white with blue accents. The colors are the same as on the primary kit, as it appears that US Soccer is fully committed to the brighter shade of red and the lighter shade of royal blue.

The kit is very simple, and obviously patriotic. What’s also obvious are the many comparisons that this kit’s design have invoked. The first one is very obvious, as twitter user @JeffDLowe took the time to point out with this tweet and image:

Image by @JeffDLowe
Image by @JeffDLowe

The next comparison was actually way more spot on: Retro Domino’s Pizza shirts!


Even with the obvious food comparisons, the kits themselves are still pretty good, as per the usual for Nike’s soccer wing. But do you agree? Or do you think that they should have gone a different route from the whole Popsicle or Pizza motif? Let us know how you feel about it!