Pics: Braves Honour Aaron with 1974 Uniforms

Atlanta Braves 1974 Throwbacks, 2014
The Atlanta Braves celebrated the 40th anniversary of Hank Aaron’s record-breaking 715th home run by wearing the uniforms the team wore during the historic game.

True to 1974, the uniforms worn last night were pullovers featuring the blue and white jerseys with a feather design on each sleeve. The cap was royal blue with a white front panel and lowercase script “A” in red. Pants were belted with a thin blue and white stripe up the sides.

Atlanta Braves 1974 Throwbacks, 2014 3

Atlanta even wore the proper 1974 batting helmet designs, including the silly-but-accurate white brim. Well done, Braves.

Hank Aaron Atlanta Braves 1974 Home Uniform

There were two issues quite noticeable, one was the inclusion of the MLB silhouette on the back collar. While this patch is just normal to us fans in 2014, it was not worn back in 1974. MLB clubs would not begin wearing this patch until the 2000 season:

Atlanta Braves 1974 Throwbacks, 2014 4

Also the Majestic Athletic logo, the company which produced the jerseys, was visible on the sleeve. Due to the feather design the “M” logo had to be moved off to the side instead of being placed centred to the arm as it usually is, which was a little weird to see. Might have been a better idea to omit it, as well as the MLB patch, altogether:

Atlanta Braves 1974 Throwbacks, 2014 2

Overall a job well done by the Atlanta Braves, Majestic Athletic, NewEra, and Major League Baseball to get these uniforms looking the way they did. The inaccuracies were minor and did not detract from the overall throwback look of the uniform.

Atlanta Braves 1974 Throwbacks, 2014 5

Hank Aaron 1974 Atlanta Braves Home Uniform