New Roberto Luongo Mask Uses Stolen CCSLC Concept

Roberto Luongo New Mask 2

New Florida Panthers goaltender Roberto Luongo has a new mask design and at least one element of it should look familiar to regular users of our message board here, the Chris Creamer Sports Logos Community (or “CCSLC” as it’s more commonly known as).

Luongo’s mask features the panther head from their old roundel-style third jersey logo on one side. On the other it has a yellow sun, similar in style to the Panthers’ shoulder logo. Within that sun is an “FP” logo the club has never officially used before, but around these parts we’d seen it years ago…

Roberto Luongo New Mask

That logo can be attributed to CCSLC user “GFB”, real name Matt Kauzlarich (portfolio site), who posted it as part of his “Rebranding the NHL” series on our boards way back in 2007.

You can see the thread for yourself here or just compare the two logos below:

Matt Kauzlarich’s original design on left, new mask with his logo on right

That’s Kauzlarich’s design from 2007 on the left, Luongo’s new mask from 2014 on the right. Aside from swapping the navy blue and white on the “F” the “FP” logo is identical. This is clearly his design being used.

The original concept art, posted by Matt Kauzlarich to our message board in 2007

We weren’t sure if this was a straight up logo theft, maybe Kauzlarich was contacted beforehand to give permission, or perhaps it was all a simple misunderstanding. We contacted him and Marlene Ross, the mask painter, to hear both their sides of the story.

Kauzlarich responded with the following:

“I had no idea about any of this, it just popped up out of nowhere. I don’t think Luongo knows anything about this”

“I’m very flattered and would love to be compensated in some manner, but I feel like if I raise too much of a fit about it, the artist will simply paint over the mark on the mask with something else.”

It’s an odd corner to be (pardon the pun) painted into. On one hand your work is being used without your permission, yet on the other you’re kinda thrilled to see it being used in an NHL game. What do you do? Complain and potentially have it removed or just let someone take your work without any credit or compensation?

Kauzlarich did note in his email that this isn’t the first time he’s had a concept taken without his permission, his San Jose Sharks wordmark design made it onto the mask of Brian Boucher. There seems to be a trend here.

Ross, who painted Luongo’s new mask and has a very impressive goalie mask portfolio, has not yet responded (see update below) to our email seeking comment. We’ll update the story if or when we hear back from her.


UPDATE (Apr 10/14 4:19pm ET):

A representative from the design studio which created the mask has responded to our email:

“Thank you for the information on the ‘FP’, we were not aware of this as it was sent to us and requested to be used in the mask design.”

They also added that they the mask is only scheduled to be worn for the final two games of the 2013-14 NHL season.

It would now appear the inclusion of this logo came from Roberto Luongo’s side.