Liverpool Reveal New Primary Kit For Next Season


Just as title-chasing rivals Chelsea revealed their new primary kits for the upcoming 2014-15 season while the 2013-14 season was still going on, English giants Liverpool have done the same, as they along with Warrior Sports officially unveiled their primary kits for next season. This is Warrior’s third season as kit provider for Liverpool, and even though they’ve come up with some absolutely terrible clash kits, the primary kits have been good, and this one appears to be no different in terms of quality.


When it comes to a legendary club such as Liverpool, it’s very difficult to find a way to mess up their iconic look of all red from head to toe. After going with a very simple look in 2012-13 and a somewhat more modern-yet-still simple look in 2013-14, Warrior continued to keep things simple for the primary kit, keeping the striping on the shirt restrained to very thin white stripes curving down the sleeves and side of the jersey and shorts. There are also white stripes that end around the neck to form a bit of a psuedo-collar, since the neckline itself is somewhat high.

LFC2The Liver Bird crest that made its return to the shirts in 2012 is still on the shirts for 2014, as it appears that for the time being that the fully-fleshed out crest with the shield and gates that was designed to honor the Hillsborough victims probably won’t be coming back to the front of the shirt for the time being. Also, if you look closely at the shirt above, you can see that there is a sublimated design in the shirt which seems to form multiple instances of “LFC” in block letters.

In addition, the thin white stripe motif extends to the socks as well.


Overall, it’s a very simple kit and extremely restrained compared to the other kits that we’ve seen Warrior roll out, but I’m sure that Liverpool’s fans wouldn’t have it any other way when it comes to their primary kit. But what do you think? Is it upgrade from their current kits or a downgrade?