Washington Huskies Reveal New Football Uniforms


Nike is continuing to unveil new uniforms for the football schools who are so obliged, and this time the new uniform genie has come for the Washington Huskies. If you can remember, the Huskies got their now-previous uniform set three years ago and added a matte-black helmet and chrome-gold helmet just last season. However, 3 years is 20 centuries in Nike and high school/college prospect years, so naturally Washington had to get new uniforms to keep up with the times.

As you can see in the above photo, the Huskies will have plenty of combos to choose from, as there are three helmets to choose from (the traditional gold helmet, a new matte white helmet, and the matte black helmet that was added last season), 3 jerseys, and 4 sets of pants. For Huskies fans who may be uniform purists, the fourth set of pants are gold, which means that the team’s traditional combo of gold helmet-purple jersey-gold pants will still be intact. This also adds another element to the possible combos that can be made, which we will see because this is college football and mismatching uniforms has become as much of a part of the game as a marching band and a crazy student section.

Washington3Here are more details from Nike’s press release on the new uniforms:

The Huskies’ purple home jersey introduces black accents for a tough, bold aesthetic. Black double mesh shoulder panels in the front of the jersey mimic the iconic “jaws” of Husky Stadium. Black has also been featured within the shoulder numbers as well as the baselayer.  The Huskies’ away look reverses the aesthetic, harnessing the power of an “arctic blast,” featuring a white jersey and pant as well as a textured white helmet with an anodized purple facemask. The new all-black alternate jersey and pant feature purple and gold accents throughout, incorporating “DAWGS” lettering down the side of the pant.


So there you have it: Washington’s new football set to keep up with the times since their previous set was so “ancient” and had to be left in the stone age. What do you think? Is it a nice, clean look for the Huskies or is it a mess? Let us know your opinion below!