Atlanta Hawks Re-Introduce Classic Logo

Atlanta Hawks Retro Logo Returns 2014-15

“The Pac Is Back!”

So says the Atlanta Hawks, who earlier today introduced their new secondary logo — an updated version of their classic “Pac Man” brand from the 1970s through mid 1990s.

Pac is Back Atlanta Hawks

After changing their “profile pic” to the updated “PAC” logo, the Hawks later Tweeted clarification that their existing brand (the red and blue hawk in flight) is remaining as the primary logo… even adding “don’t worry” despite the apparent desire of many of their fans to see that logo replaced with this one.

Hawks Primary Logo Staying



As mentioned, this logo isn’t quite exactly the same as the original “Pac Man” logo, a handy side-by-side comparison to give you an idea of what’s changed:

Atlanta Hawks Logo CompareHawk head is now angled on the top in addition to the bottom, some detail has been added to the neck and the eye has been given some emotion.

You’ll see the new familiar look tonight, every fan attending the Hawks/Pacers playoff game will receive this logo on a red t-shirt:

Atlanta Hawks Pac Is Back T-Shirt 2014 Playoffs

As part of the release of the logo the Hawks have also made a handy infographic showing off their logos and uniforms throughout the years (y’know, in case you’ve never been to SportsLogos.Net), you can check theirs out here… our Hawks logo and uniform section is right here, as always.

We’re glad to see this great logo make it’s long overdue return, welcome back Pac Man!

Atlanta Hawks Pac Man Logo 1980s

UPDATE (May 1/14 8:58am ET):

Thanks to eagle (hawk?)-eyed Twitter user @TheOafMan, it appears this new Hawks logo is a stripped down version of that leaked logo we reported about back in February (more details about that one here)… compare the two yourself, the new logo is the leaked logo without all the details:

Hawks Logo Leaked

Perhaps ownership figured “why bother” and just went back to the simplicity which made this original logo great?