Oregon Ducks Reveal Uniforms For Spring Football Game


In what is becoming a tradition for the Oregon football program, Nike’s test rodents the Ducks revealed new uniforms that will be worn only for this year’s Spring exhibition game. Just like for the past 5 years, the uniforms are meant to serve as a tribute to the military, as evidenced by the messages on the back of the uniform and on the collar of each uniform.



In addition to the messages on the back of the jerseys, there are military-inspired iconography on the sleeves as well; a monochrome-yellow american flag on the “away” jerseys, and a logo that is meant to represent “those who serve our country by land, by sea, and by air.”

OregonSpring3 The wing motif from the regular uniforms is still intact, as evidenced by the design on the shoulders and pants, and the fact that the helmets are relatively untouched from what you’d normally see Oregon trot out.

OregonSpring4Overall, while the home uniform is very similar to what the team wore for the Spring Game last season, the away uniform is a huge departure from the all-white stormtrooper look that they wore last year. For reference, here’s last year’s uniforms in action:

130427.mst_.SpringGame_0517What do you think? Better than last year? Worse than last year? Or just lame in general? As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the new uniforms, especially when it comes to Oregon football since they give us so much material every season.