A Peek at the New Charlotte Hornets Uniforms

Charlotte Hornets

Just hours after they officially returned to the NBA, we’ve gotten our first look at the new Charlotte Hornets uniforms for the upcoming 2014-15 season.

Thanks to a Tweet to us from @ConradBurry, a graphic showing the jersey wordmarks which will be featured front-and-centre on the new uniform:

Charlotte Hornets 2014-15 Jersey Tweet
A Tweet from @ConradBurry shows the new Hornets jersey wordmarks

SportsLogos.Net can confirm these images to be authentic.

A few things we learn from this image…

“HORNETS” will be on both the home and road uniform, no “Charlotte”. The team clearly proud of their new name. This is the opposite approach that New Orleans took last year, who went with their city name on both the home and road despite their brand new name.

During their original run in the NBA, the Charlotte Hornets never wore “HORNETS” across their uniform.

The road jersey will be purple… it’s too early to tell if there will be pinstripes (see update below!) or not, these jersey wordmark graphics typically omit pinstripes even if there are any.

Home jersey will be white, looks like teal will be the prominent secondary colour.

At yesterday’s press conference the Hornets let us know that the uniforms will be similar to the originals but evolved to today’s design… which we just assumed meant “old uniforms plus sleeves”.

We’ll get to see the real things (sleeved or not) officially on June 19th.

UPDATE (May 21/14 4:35pm ET):

Another Tweet from @ConradBurry to SportsLogos.Net confirms that the uniforms will indeed be pinstriped, with at least some of those stripes in sky blue:

Hornets Pinstripes Confirmed

Hornets pinstripe colour

This is good news.