Mariners Might Wear Cream in 2015

Seattle Mariners Cream

Could the Seattle Mariners be the latest MLB team to go cream?

It was something we heard last year, and it sounds like the team is still seriously considering it. Thanks to a post from “PhantomDreamer” on our message boards:

Mariners radio voice Rick Rizzs mentioned during Saturday’s game against the Twins, who happened to be wearing their archaic cream garbage uniforms, that the Mariners were considering wearing cream uniforms for Sunday home games.”

The Mariners in white on the left, cream on the right.
The Mariners in white on the left, Photoshopped wearing cream on the right.

Cream is a colour traditionally reserved for teams wearing a vintage, old-school look (and not necessarily one which was originally cream). The Seattle Mariners, founded in 1977 during the height of the pull-over and powder blue era certainly do not fit the mold of a cream-wearin’ team, but neither did the expansion Arizona Diamondbacks, who gave birth to the fad back in 1998.

This being the second straight season we’ve heard about it we’re thinking it’s inevitable, the Mariners will eventually go cream, even if it is just for Sunday home games.

A list of MLB teams who currently wear a cream uniform:

Cream coloured uniforms being worn in Major League Baseball during the 2014 season - San Francisco Giants, Minnesota Twins, Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians, Philadelphia Phillies, St Louis Cardinals, New York Mets