New ACC Logo Officially Unveiled


The Atlantic Coast Conference had their new logo leak out a while back, and despite the fact that it was already out there on Twitter for everyone to see, the conference still promised that the new logo would have an official rollout after Memorial Day.

Well, it’s after Memorial Day, and the ACC has stayed true to their word and officially unveiled the new mark for their conference.

ACC 3The new mark for the conference appears to be much more sharper and leans a bit more towards the future (as evidenced by the right-leaning italics), and is a clear update of the previous logo. Despite the fact that it’s a pretty progressive update, it’s clear that the conference didn’t want to stray too far from the old logo, like the Big XII did when they updated their conference logo.

The ACC will have sport-specific logos, as evidenced by the existence of this mark. The conference has normally been known for being a basketball power, but now that they currently have the FBS National Champions in their ranks, you can bet that they’ll want to do what they can to make sure that they’re known for that.

ACC 4Also, each school will wear the ACC’s logo in their school colors, as listed below. Can you guess which school is which? I don’t have anything to give you as a reward if you get them all right, but I can give you a thumbs up from miles and miles away if that counts for anything. (Plus you can easily figure it out by taking a stroll through their brand book.)

ACC 2So now that it’s officially out there, what do you guys think? Should they have stayed with the old logo, or did they nail it with the update?