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2014 July 4th MLB Cap Designs Spotted

July 4th Caps 2014 MLB

Thanks to a tip posted on the SportsLogos.Net message boards, and confirmed by subsequent Minor League clubs, we have gotten our first look at the 2014 4th of July Patriotic MLB Cap designs.

Our early look at the 2014 design is courtesy an anonymous hat shop employee who sent in an image of the St Louis Cardinals and Washington Nationals cap graphics, they show the club logo in front of a star with an American flag pattern on it.

Post showing 4th of July caps

It is expected all MLB teams will take to the field wearing this cap design for games played on July 4, 2014.

The anonymous tipster added that the Blue Jays cap would indeed include the star like all others except the star would be all red instead of featuring the US flag design. You can see the original posts here.

The Lowell Spinners posted this image way back in February asking their fans if they should sell these caps, the design matches the MLB design exactly further confirming this theory:

Lowell Spinners July 4 2014 Cap

A post later on in the SportsLogos.Net message board thread added that these caps would be revealed to the public this coming Friday.

What we don’t know yet is if every cap will be red/white/blue or will feature some of the individual team colours, unfortunately all the designs we’ve seen so far are from teams who generally wear those three colours regularly. I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough, when we do we’ll update this post here.

UPDATE June 9/14 10:30am ET:

Another post from sportsfan0518 on our message board shows the New York Mets July 4th caps, this confirms that every team regardless of their actual team colour scheme will be wearing red, white, and blue on the 4th. Mismatched uniform day! Dress like an Astro day!

New York Mets July 4 2014 Cap