Penguins Getting New Jerseys, Yellow Returns!

Pittsburgh Penguins 1992 Stanley Cup Champions

This will be welcome news to most of you — the Pittsburgh Penguins will be bringing back their traditional shade of gold (or yellow) to their uniform set for the 2014/15 season.

Totally burying the lead in his Pittsburgh Tribune-Review column, Rob Rossi threw in this gem in at the end:

The Penguins expect to introduce an alternate jersey to be worn for select games next season. One confirmable detail about the third jersey is the return of Pittsburgh Gold to the team’s uniforms for the first time since 2001-02 season. Goalie Marc-Andre Fleury said he has ordered yellow leg pads and gloves to be worn when the Penguins’ don the alternate jerseys.

The Penguins used this shade of yellow/gold from their expansion season in 1966/67 right up through the “Robo Penguin” Era until the full-time re-introduction of the skating penguin logo in 2002/03. The Penguins brought back the old look but with an updated shade of the gold which they were calling “Vegas gold”.

The Penguins dropped Pittsburgh Gold in favour of Vegas Gold in 2003
The Penguins dropped Pittsburgh Gold in favour of Vegas Gold in 2003

Pittsburgh won two Stanley Cups (1991 and 1992) wearing the old shade of gold, which Rossi refers to as “Pittsburgh Gold” in his story. The Penguins went on to win a third cup in 2009 while wearing the new “Vegas” gold.