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Pics: MLB Teams Wearing 4th of July Caps

Washington Nationals 4th of July Cap 2014

As part of their annual 4th of July celebrations, Major League Baseball had all 30 of its teams wear special caps to mark the holiday yesterday.

Some teams looked great wearing the special red or blue caps, in my opinion nobody did it better than the St. Louis Cardinals and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim:

St Louis Cardinals  4th of July Cap 2014

Los Angeles Angels  4th of July Cap 2014

While other teams like the Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics were forced to go out there in caps that didn’t match their uniform colour scheme at all:

Seattle Mariners  4th of July Cap 2014

Oakland Athletics  4th of July Cap 2014

The lone non-American team, the Toronto Blue Jays, were sent out there wearing caps commemorating Canada, which… I understand why they didn’t wear USA themed caps, but seems very silly to be marking the US holiday, playing a game in the US, wearing caps honouring another nation:

Toronto Blue Jays 4th of July Cap 2014

My advice to the Jays? Just wear your normal everyday cap for the 4th of the July in the future (actually, that advice really applies to a lot of these teams)

Here’s a look at some of the other teams wearing their July 4th caps from yesterday, click any photo for a larger version: