Manchester United, AS Roma, and Liverpool Reveal New Kits


While the World Cup is winding down, that means that the soccer world’s focus is slowly but surely going back to the spectacle that is European club soccer. That includes the unveiling of new kits for the new season, and 3 of the biggest clubs in Europe revealed new kits earlier today. One involves a new major sponsor on the front, the other is another classy installment in a long history of classy kits, and the last is…well, you just have to see the last for yourself to believe it.

Manchester United


The newest home kit for England’s most popular club might not have made too many waves design-wise, but they definitely made one when it comes to the sponsor. Obviously, the biggest change to the kit is that Chevrolet is the new shirt sponsor, ending 4 seasons of shirt sponsorship by Aon. The kit itself is simple, straightforward, but still stylish, as you’d expect from Nike. The traditional look of red shirt-white shorts-black socks is retained, which means that the details are crucial, here. From Manchester United’s press release:


The shirt welcomes the return of the white collar, which for the first time is a ribbed crew neck design. The collar also has a subtle chevron finish, replicating the pattern used on the chest of United shirts from the early 20th century and in more recent times.

A hidden button in the collar is unique to the shirt – red with a black trim and engraved with the club name – while there is a small label inside the back of the neck with the message “Youth, Courage, Greatness” to represent the club’s values.

AS Roma


The American-owned Italian club, who finished 2nd in Italy’s Serie A and will be competing in this season’s UEFA Champions League, has switched suppliers. Going forward, Roma have left Kappa for the greener pastures of Nike, and just as fellow-Nike supplied team Manchester United went with a non-complicated look, AS Roma has done the same for their 2014-15 kits. The home kit is dark red with orange trim, white shorts, and red socks. Again, simple, yet effective.


The away kit, which leaked recently, is a white number with a red-and-orange sash running diagonally across the middle of the shirt. As usual, the club’s old (and now secondary) crest adorns the away shirt, which is a roundel crest with a wolf’s head inside of the circle.


Overall, the two kits form one of the better looking sets that you’ll see in all of Europe, and they’ll at least look elite when they take on the elite of Europe in the Champions League this season.


Then we have Liverpool. [Sigh] Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool. After coming out with a home and away kit that were restrained efforts, all of that restraint went out of the window with the third kit, which keeps up Warrior’s streak of managing to come out with garish kits that looked like they were plucked out of the ’90s.


Most of the shirt is black and gray with a few splashes of red. Those splashes of red are the problem, because they come in a pretty weird spot. The red collar is actually pretty nice, but the weird sash thing that they have going on on the front of the shirt isn’t as nice.


Maybe they would have been better off just keeping the black-gray pattern going for the rest of the shirt. Either way, it’s a 3rd shirt so we probably won’t see this shirt as much as the other two, unlike last season when Liverpool had to wear that weird black, white, and purple kit on multiple occasions. Plus this is (thankfully) better than that, so we shouldn’t be complaining too much.


So there’s the roundup of the 3 biggest European kit reveals as of late. What do you guys think? Which one is your favorite?