Miami Hurricanes Give Closer Look At Funky New Helmets


Earlier during this college football offseason, we gave you a look at the University of Miami’s new football uniforms for the upcoming football season. They had a slew of helmets to choose from in addition to the classic white helmet with the iconic “U” logo on the side.

Now, the Hurricanes have given us a bit of a closer look at two of their new helmets for the 2014 season, via their twitter account.


Here’s a an even closer look at the two helmets. Orange “Juice” and Green “Surge,” which, honestly, are kinda cool nicknames for alternate helmets. This is actually the first time that we’ve gotten a look at Miami’s green helmets. When their new uniforms were unveiled  earlier, we only saw 2 white helmets and an orange helmet. Now there’s a green helmet, which ups their tally to 4. The “Oregon” mix-&-match movement continues to spread.

Miami1You can get a clearer look at the Ibis logo that’s sublimated onto each helmet. There’s no word on when the team will be wearing these helmets, but knowing how college football teams are, you’re probably gonna see these helmets a lot next season.

So, do you want to see these helmets on the field or do you think that they need to dump the orange juice on the floor and stick with the white helmets?