Are The Philadelphia Eagles Going Back To Kelly Green?


Back in the ’90s when the teal fad was spreading all across sports, one of the teams that jumped on that wagon was the Philadelphia Eagles, as they dumped their classic Kelly Green colors in favor of something closer to teal: Midnight Green. Now, according to Eagles President Don Smolenski, it appears that the Eagles might be ready to go back to their roots. According to Philadelphia’s local CBS affiliate, the president of the Eagles has made it known that the team is at least discussing the possibility of going back to the old Kelly Green look. From the article:

“We have talked about it and there are some rules with the NFL that provides some restrictions that we’re trying to work through, but that’s going to take some time,” Smolenski told Angelo Cataldi and the 94WIP Morning Show during an in-studio visit on Wednesday. “It’s there, and it’s something that we do talk about, but until some things change at the NFL level it’s going to provide restrictions for us. It is being talked about it, yes.”

Now, normally I’d be jazzed about a team going to more vibrant colors, especially if it looked anything close to the picture above from 2010, which is one of the best-looking throwbacks that you’ll see in the NFL. The problem is that although the Kelly Green color scheme is indeed very nice, the Midnight Green look for the Eagles has served them very well over the years.

Eagles2Eagles2This is a prime example of a modern look done right. Aside from that awful black alternate jersey (which, after dropping it for the 2010 and 2011 seasons, they inexplicably brought it back for 2012 and last season), this is one of the stronger identities to come out of the ’90s, proof being that the logo and uniforms are still around today and don’t look dated at all. Once again, it’s a modern classic.

Meanwhile, Philadelphia’s Kelly Green color scheme may have been nice, but the uniforms? Not as much. The uniforms worn during the days of Randall Cunningham seemed more generic than classy when compared to the throwbacks above, and the Jaworski-era uniforms from the ’80s? Complete disaster.

Eagles3 Eagles4With that being said, although I’d be sad to see the current Eagles color scheme go to the wayside, if the Eagles can get the new uniforms right with the traditional color scheme of Kelly Green and white, then they can still have very nice-looking uniforms and logos as well.

What do you think? Do you agree with me that the Midnight Green look is one of the best in the NFL right now, or do you think that they should just dump that for Kelly Green as soon as possible?