Braves, Athletics Will Both Wear Throwbacks From 1914 This Saturday

1914 F2

The year 1914; With all of the technological and cultural advances since then, it seems like those days were a million years ago instead of 100. However, the year 1914 is a very significant one for the Atlanta Braves franchise: it was the year that the old Boston Braves completed one of the greatest season-to-season turnarounds in baseball history, going from a 69-win season in 1913 to 94 wins and a World Series title, earning the moniker of “Miracle Braves.”

1914 F4
The 1914 Boston Braves

Since it’s been 100 years since that season, the Braves have decided that this upcoming weekend will be the time to honor the team with a 1914 Night where the scoreboard will take on the look of an old-timey scoreboard from back then, and the teams will follow suit by wearing throwbacks from 1914. This works out perfectly because guess who the visitors for this game are? The Oakland Athletics, known in 1914 as the Philadelphia Athletics, also known as the team who the Braves swept in order to win that World Series.

The 1914 Philadelphia A's
The 1914 Philadelphia A’s

Normally when the Atlanta Braves go into the Boston era of their throwback catalog, it’s in the late 1940s which is when the trademark Tomahawk logo made its first appearance across the chest of the Braves’ jerseys. So, going into the 1914 well seems to be uncharted waters for the Braves franchise. Meanwhile, the Oakland A’s have gone pretty deep into their uniform history on numerous occasions. They went back to 1929 for a home game back in 2009, while in 2012, the A’s helped the Red Sox celebrate 100 years of Fenway Park by throwing back to 1936. Thanks to the amazing uniform database that the Baseball Hall of Fame has on their website, we’re able to get a bit of an on-paper preview of what the game should look like:

1914 F
The logo on the sleeve of the Braves’ jersey is the team’s primary logo from that period.

If that isn’t enough for you, then here’s the best shot at trying to see what these uniforms look like on actual baseball players from the era.

1914 F3Of course, this probably won’t be enough to satiate you, but the full course meal will come on Saturday when the Braves and A’s take to the field wearing these extremely old-timey uniforms.

So, are you guys excited to see another throwback night?