Eagles Forced To Wear Black Due To Nike Taking Too Long To Produce Green Jerseys


With the disappointing news from a while ago concerning the Philadelphia Eagles and Kelly Green (turns out, the Eagles’ President was talking about adding a Kelly Green alternate jersey. That [combined with the NFL’s silly rules regarding alternate helmets where their scientists  somehow concluded that wearing multiple helmets leads to more concussions] would mean that the team would have to wear its current Midnight Green helmets with Kelly Green alternate jerseys. Gross.), now there’s even more disappointing news, this time concerning the regular Midnight Green look.

This offseason, the Eagles decided to adopt the Elite 51 template that all but a few teams went to when Nike took over the manufacturing of all NFL uniforms. The problem with that is since the Eagles waited a little bit too long to inform Nike and the fact that it takes Nike a bit longer to manufacture Midnight Green jerseys since it’s a custom shade of green, that means that the regular home jerseys won’t be in the Eagles’ possession in time for the regular season to start, which means that their atrocious black alternate jerseys are now their temporary primary jerseys until the Midnight Green jerseys come in.


Although this could have been avoided if the Eagles just went to the new Elite 51 template to begin with, a lot of the blame here has to go to Nike. I mean, come on. They’re Nike. They’re one of the biggest sports equipment manufacturers in the world, and you’d think they’d have the resources to make sure that a NFL team could get their uniforms in time. However, if this means that Nike is taking their time to actually get the colors right (which they should do for the New York Jets, who look a complete mess with all those different shades of green in their jerseys), then it might end up being a net positive that they’re taking all this time to get the Midnight Green jerseys finished.

Thanks to this being a custom shade of green, the Eagles will have to wait until late in the season to wear the new cut of these jerseys
Thanks to this being a custom shade of green, the Eagles will have to wait until late in the season to wear the Elite 51 cut of these jerseys

So for now, the Eagles will only have their regular white away jerseys and their alternate black jerseys to choose from. Here’s hoping that the Eagles find any excuse they can to wear the white jerseys. However, if you’re a fan of the black jerseys, then it looks like you might enjoy the early parts of this season.