Notre Dame Unveils 2014 Shamrock Series Uniforms


During this offseason, college football blueblood Notre Dame switched uniform manufacturers, ending their previous relationship with adidas in favor jumping to Under Armour in one of (if not the most) lucrative apparel deals in college sports history. Now, fast forward to August and with football season within arm’s length, the Fighting Irish have revealed their new uniforms for the 2014 season, their first under the Under Armour umbrella.

Now, the primary uniforms are basically untouched. It’s Notre Dame. There will be a snowstorm in a desert before Notre Dame’s classic look of plain gold helmet/blue-or-white jersey/gold pants will be messed with. It’s a classic look; One that should be left alone because it’s so classy and so elegant.

ND 5While the manufacturers are probably given little-to-no leeway with the primary uniforms, the place where the designers get to express themselves comes in the form of the Shamrock Series uniforms. Adidas went absolutely wild with their design in 2012, while the 2013 uniforms were still a bit flashy but not nearly as garish. For 2014, Under Armour has come up with a Shamrock Series design that is decidedly modern, but not “Turn Ahead The Clock” modern, either.

ND 1In the video that accompanied the release of these uniforms, Notre Dame made it clear that the famous Golden Dome that sits atop the Main Building on their campus was the inspiration for this uniform, particularly the helmets.

ND 2Designs from the Main Building also make appearances as a sublimated design on the shoulder, and on the specially-designed gloves as well.

ND 3All in all, the uniform isn’t the worst alternate uniform you’ll see (and considering that this is 2014 college football we’re talking about, there are plenty of contenders for the title of Worst Alternate Uniform just in this sport alone), and it’ll be a decent change of pace from the normal super-traditional uniforms that Notre Dame usually wear.

ND 4

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the Shamrock Series unis, though. Love them? Hate them?