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2014 NFL Team-By-Team Logo And Uniform Preview


The 2014 NFL season is rapidly approaching, which makes this as good of a time as ever to give you a bit of a preview of what each NFL team should look like uniform-and-logo wise. If you missed any big news that went down this season and you don’t want to be surprised when you tune in to Week 1 (or any of those preseason games, if you were one of the 5 people who watched), don’t worry! We’ve summed up the logo/uniform news for every team in the league, so that you’ll be on top of everything in the NFL. So, let’s get into it!

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys: No changes, and no patches. Since it’s the Cowboys, we’ll be seeing a lot of their “away” uniforms (with all of those different, mismatched shades of blue and silver. Sigh.), and very little of their “home” uniforms. However, the Cowboys wearing blue at home for Thanksgiving could become a tradition. Other than that, no shocks over here.

New York Giants: The white pants that the Giants brought back for last season will be returning this season, as Michael Eisen has confirmed that the team will wear them for at least 2 home games this season. EDIT: One of our readers pointed out that the Giants have released their uniform schedule for the season, and that they’ll be wearing a 90th anniversary patch for the season.

The Giants' white pants will be staying around for another season.
The Giants’ white pants will be staying around for another season.

Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles chose to go to the Elite 51 template for this season. Hilariously, this ended up being part of the reason why they will be missing their home Midnight Green jerseys until later in the season, which means that the black alternate jerseys are temporarily their home uniforms. Here’s hoping that they choose to go the Cowboys route and wear the white jerseys more often.


Washington: The University of Minnesota has requested that the team wear logo-less throwbacks for their visit to TCF Bank Stadium for their road game against the Vikings. That would actually be an improvement over the mismatched mess that they wore last season thanks to that load-of-bunk rule that prevents NFL teams from wearing more than one helmet. Other than that, there are no major changes for Washington.

NFC North

Chicago Bears: It’s the Bears, so as usual, there’s nothing to report on the primary uniform front. There’s no word on whether or not they’re keeping or dumping those 1940’s-era throwbacks, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept them into this season.

Detroit Lions: No changes to the primary uniforms but the franchise has reportedly been mulling over bringing back their throwback uniforms, which they haven’t worn since the 2010 season.

Could the Lions possibly bring these throwbacks back?

Green Bay Packers: Another one of those “If you touch our beautiful uniforms, we will riot” teams, so no changes on that side. Last season, Nike brought back the old Acme Packers throwbacks, but once again, the dumb NFL helmet rule reared its ugly head and forced the Packers to have to wear yellow helmets and green facemasks with their blue-and-yellow jerseys. Like the Bears, there’s been no word about them dropping the uniforms, which means that they’ll probably be back for this season.

Minnesota Vikings: Nothing to report, here. They had their fun with a uniform overhaul last season, and they appear to be content with their very stylish uniforms.

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons have graciously announced what uniforms they’ll be wearing for each game this season (which includes them wearing their home red uniforms for a road game at Cincinnati). Unfortunately, there isn’t much excitement since Atlanta won’t be wearing throwbacks (once again, thanks NFL), nor have they decided to break out their black alternate jerseys or pants. So there’s going to be a lot of red and white for the Falcons this season.

Carolina Panthers: The defending NFC South Champions will be marking their 20th season with a commemorative patch. That appears to be the only change that the Panthers will be making to their uniforms for 2014. Like the Falcons, they have also announced what uniforms they’ll be wearing for each game this season, which is nice.


New Orleans Saints: Despite a local columnist pining for the team to add black helmets to their repertoire, it doesn’t appear as if the Saints will be switching their uniform look any time soon. So there are no changes here (not even to tweak their collar design, as they, the Rams, and the Bengals appear to be the last teams in the NFL with the original flywire design where only the back half of the collar was colored).

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: After last year’s poor performance, the Buccaneers have decided to make their demotion to the Arena League official by adopting Arena League-esque uniforms. Of course, I’m joking about the demotion part, but not so much about the brand new uniforms, which look good from the neck up. Other than that, it’s not the best looking update. As part of the complete uniform revamp, they updated their logos, which aren’t bad on their own and could have been part of a really great update had the uniform design been better. Also, the Bucs will be sporting a black patch with “MG” on it, in memory of Malcolm Glazer. Here are a few pics of the new uniforms in action.



NFC West

Arizona Cardinals: No changes at all to report here. Cardinals are going to wear their regular red jerseys (sometimes with red pants), regular white jerseys, and alternate black jerseys. Typical year.

St. Louis Rams: Although there won’t be any major changes for this upcoming season, they could be on the horizon for the future (and I’m not talking about the team skipping town, either). There have been rumors that the team could actually break out throwbacks from the blue-and-white days as an alternate uniform, and that could also coincide with a “complete uniform change” for the Rams. Again, this is all in the future, so for now it’s just speculation as to what direction the team will head in. For now, things are staying the same.

Are the Rams con
Could this (along with brand new uniforms) be coming back to the Rams in the future?

San Francisco 49ers: The Niners have never worn a non-throwback alternate jersey, and they aren’t going to start any time soon. Needless to say, there are no changes.

Seattle Seahawks: The defending Super Bowl Champions have all sorts of uniform options available to them, none of which are new.

AFC East

Buffalo Bills: The Bills will be honoring their late owner Ralph Wilson by wearing a patch for the entire 2014 season. That’s the only change to Buffalo’s uniforms for this upcoming season. Also, there’s no word on whether or not the Bills have dropped their AFL-era throwbacks, so it wouldn’t be a shock to see them continue to wear those. EDIT: They haven’t. They will be wearing them for their home opener in Week 2 against the Dolphins.

A clear look at the Ralph Wilson patch that the Bills will be wearing this season
A clear look at the Ralph Wilson patch that the Bills will be wearing this season

Miami Dolphins: Like the Vikings, they had all of their “Sparkly New Uniform” fun last season, so this means that this will be a quite season from Miami on the uniform front.

New England Patriots: The Patriots were one of the teams who lost their their throwback alternates due to the showy NFL rule that prevents teams from wearing more than 1 helmet over the course of a season, which means that the Patriots stuck to their two primary uniforms. That appears to be the case for 2014.

New York Jets: No changes. Still haven’t fixed this. I know, a lot of teams with that particular template have that problem, but in my opinion, the Jets have it the worst. It’s minor, but it’s gonna bug me all season, again.

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens: No changes to report at all, so one of the modern classics in the NFL will continue to be worn as usual.

Cincinnati Bengals: These tigers won’t be changing their stripes for 2014. Yeah, I’ll be here all night.

Cleveland Browns: The unthinkable is happening in Cleveland: The team will be receiving a uniform overhaul for the 2015 season. Aside from the plain orange helmets which (strangely enough) will be untouched, the Browns will be getting “cutting-edge” uniforms, which means that 2014 will be the final season of seeing the old, tradition-laden uniforms that all NFL fans have gotten used to. If they look anything like what the Buccaneers came out with, then allow me to apologize for ever making fun of the Browns and their all-brown alternate because even that will surely look a lot better than what we’re about to see in the future.

We're not looking forward to what the future has in store for these classic uniforms
Yeah, make sure to enjoy every second that you can get of these classics, because they won’t be around much longer.

Pittsburgh Steelers: The infamous “Bumblebee” throwbacks have been confirmed to return for the 2014 season, and the Steelers will be wearing them for Week 8 against the Colts.

Visually... interesting
Yep, these will be worn again in 2014

AFC South

Houston Texans: Like the Falcons and Panthers, the Texans have also decided to publicly announce when they’ll be wearing certain uniforms during the 2014 season way ahead of time. Although they didn’t get into it for a week-by-week basis like the Falcons and Panthers did, the Texans did announce the following dates: White at home for Week 1, Battle Red alternates for Week 9, and all-blue for Week 13.

Indianapolis Colts: Except for a few seasons where they decided to wear silver pants and that one strange season in the ’90s where they tried out blue pants, the Colts have basically worn the same uniform design since 1957. It won’t be changing this season, and it won’t be changing anytime in the foreseeable future.

Jacksonville Jaguars: The New Car Smell is still emitting a strong scent from the Jaguars’ uniforms, so obviously there won’t be any changes for 2014, at least in the real world. In video game world, EA Sports has apparently promised to fix Jacksonville’s uniforms for the latest edition of Madden NFL. Here’s hoping that they keep their word, and hopefully this is a sign of things to come because they’ve had a long  history of mangling uniforms in that series.

Tennessee Titans: After going through most of their season with 2 patches on their uniforms (A memorial patch for Bud Adams and a commemorative patch that celebrated their 15th anniversary in Tennessee), it appears that the Titans will be entering this season with no patches. Also, the team announced that they will be wearing their alternate Navy Blue jerseys for Week 8.

AFC West

Denver Broncos: Shortly after they received the flogging of a lifetime in the Super Bowl, there were rumors that the Broncos would revamp their uniforms for the 2015 season, complete with not only new uniforms, but a new color scheme as well. Considering the source of these rumors, it appears to be pretty false. That was the most exciting uniform news for the Broncos, who are probably going to be selling orange Peyton Manning jerseys as long as they possibly can.

Kansas City Chiefs: Last season, the Chiefs did something wild, crazy, and dangerous: They wore red pants with their red jerseys. A quick look at their uniform history reveals that going monochrome is the wildest thing that the Chiefs have ever done uniform-wise in their existence. Needless to say, the Chiefs aren’t changing a thing for 2014.

Behold, the most interesting uniform development for the Chiefs in nearly 5 decades
Behold, the most interesting uniform development for the Chiefs in nearly 5 decades

Oakland Raiders: As long as the ghost of Al Davis roams the halls of the Raiders’ headquarters, the Oakland Raiders uniforms will not be touched unless they choose to wear a patch. There’s no patch, so there’s no changes.

San Diego Chargers: Other than tweaking their uniforms every now and then (as they did last year when they fixed the collars on their jerseys, like a lot of teams did), the Chargers haven’t really made any changes to their uniforms since their last major overhaul in 2007, and it doesn’t appear that they’ll be making changes this season.


So there you have it, a team-by-team preview of what each team will or will not be wearing. Of course we can’t predict exactly what each team will be wearing for every week of the season, what with all of the various jersey-pants combos that exist (though it’s nowhere near the level of college football…whew). As you saw, there are very few major changes in the NFL this season, but there could be a couple on the way for 2015. If you’re a proponent of change, then next year (and last year) would be the year for you. If you’re a fan of the status quo, then this is a pretty good year! Of course, if we missed anything, feel free to let us know in the comments section, below.

So, what’s been your favorite logo/uniform development of the offseason as we head into the new season?