NBA Store Jumps The Gun, Accidentally Reveals Pelicans Alt Jersey

Pelicans Leak F

Later today, the New Orleans Pelicans are going to give us a “sneak peek” at their new alternate jerseys via snapchat (there’s your “welcome to 2014” moment). However, thanks to, we got a chance to take a look at what those jerseys might look like, because NBA Store (and a few other outlets as well) had this jersey for sale.

Pelicans Leak 1

Eagle-eyed twitter user and Pelicans fan Gary_Walker96 first noticed this on twitter, and the screengrab above came from another vendor. However, the main thing to focus on is the fact that this is more-than-likely the new Pelicans alternate jersey at its most basic. I say “most basic” because the quality of adidas’ NBA replica jerseys are very low and most of the time barely even come close to the design of the actual jersey, so we can’t say that this is the final design.

But, considering that this looks very similar to the other two Pelicans replica jerseys, then at this point we can probably surmise that the new Pelicans alt is going to share a similar (if not identical) design to the home and road set, except for the fact that the jersey is red, the lettering is white with blue trim, and the striping on the side will be mostly blue with gold trim with “PELICANS” across the front of the jersey, instead of “New Orleans,” which is on the front of both the home and road jerseys. Plus, we still have to see the shorts. So what I’m saying here is that we still have a ways to go when it comes to seeing the actual new alternate. But this leak (and the official sneak peek from the Pelicans) should give us a pretty good idea.

So, what do you think? Like what you see so far from the Pelicans?