Pelicans Reveal Alternate Uniform That Was Leaked Earlier Today

Pelicans F

So, earlier today the New Orleans Pelicans promised us a sneak peek of their new uniforms. That sneak peek (accidentally) became a leak, as NBA Store and other vendors jumped the gun when it came to selling the new alternate jerseys.

Pelicans Leak 1
The replica jersey design that was leaked earlier today

Undeterred by the leak, the Pelicans went ahead and released their new alternate uniforms. As expected, this isn’t a radical departure from the home and road set, and it seems like more of a recolor than anything else with the main exception being that “PELICANS” is now across the chest of the jersey, instead of “NEW ORLEANS” like on the other jerseys.

Pelicans 4

Pelicans 2

Pelicans 1

Again, the only major difference is that the alternate jersey is red, and it’s a striking shade of red, at that. Red is always a color that draws attention to itself, but at the same time, it’s a color that definitely works for the Pelicans color scheme, and it’ll be a decent enough addition to their decent enough set of uniforms.

Also, the Pelicans announced that they’ll be wearing the jerseys for a few home games this season. As far as the road schedule, they’ll probably just wear them whenever they feel like it, as most NBA teams with alternate jerseys choose to do.

Pelicans 5Now, what do you guys think? You guys agree that this is a good alternate for the Pelicans, or should they have gotten a bit more adventurous with the alternate?