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Oklahoma City Thunder Unveils D-League Team Logo And It’s Bad

OKC Blue F

The Oklahoma City Thunder are one of the best franchises in the NBA right now. They excel in every facet except for their visual identity, which is a mess. They already have one of the worst logos in the NBA (maybe the worst), some of the worst uniforms in the NBA (including that awful alternate jersey), and did I mention the bad logo? If there’s any team that needs an identity overhaul in the NBA, it’s the Thunder.

However, it’s clear that the franchise is proud of this look, and have decided to put this identity onto their D-League team that will be playing in a smaller venue in Oklahoma City. The team has been named the Oklahoma City Blue (woo, another ambiguous nickname!), and the logo is somehow even worse than the NBA team’s logo. I really hope you’re sitting down for this one.

OKC Blue 2Yep. That’s the logo. That’s the nickname. Ladies and Gentlemen, your Oklahoma City Blue! However, this logo didn’t invade this dimension on its own. Instead, it’s got a friend in the form of what should be the primary logo. For those of you hoping that the other logo would look better, then prepare for some disappointment.

OKC Blue 3If you have nice things to say about these two logos, then I applaud you for being such an understanding person. As for me, I can’t understand it. They used the ugliest logo in the NBA as a base, and instead of improving it, they somehow made it uglier. That’s amazing to me. But I guess they wanted to carry this visual tradition into the D-League with their developmental team, and if that was their aim, then it was a raging success. Otherwise, it’s definitely not a good logo.

But what do you think about it? Anybody who comes up with something nice to say about this logo will get a cookie. I have no idea how I’m going to get you that cookie, but I’ll send it to you. It’ll be a blue cookie as well.