Golden State Warriors Get Sleeved Alt Jerseys Once Again

Warriors F

For the past couple of days, the Golden State Warriors were teasing a special joint announcement with adidas scheduled for today. They used the twitter hashtag #DubsConfidential to get fans on twitter excited about what the potential announcement could be. Seeing as how adidas was involved, it was clear that there was probably a new jersey on the way, and it didn’t take long for people to figure out that it was going to be a black jersey. The fan in that link was also hoping that the new jersey wouldn’t have sleeves.

So much for that, because as you can see in the featured image, the Warriors’ new alternate jersey is a sleeved blac– I mean, *slate* jersey.

Warriors 5

Warriors 1

Now, why would a team with such a fantastic color scheme as the Golden State Warriors choose to have blac– Sorry, *slate*. I keep forgetting. Either way, why would they choose to have slate dominate one of their alternate uniforms? Here’s the explanation from the Warriors:

The Warriors 2014-15 alternate uniforms feature a new color for the NBA, Slate, which is being added to the team’s identity for the 2014-15 season. Slate represents not only the technology and innovation synonymous with the Bay Area, but also the body armor for the team on the court.

Personally, I just think that they’re just trying to kill two fads with one stone, but if you want to believe that it’s about technology, innovation, and body armor, then more power to you. As you can see, the team logo on the front of the jersey has been replaced by the team’s simplified secondary logo, with the number still inside of the logo. The primary team colors have been relegated to collar and side striping, while the name on the back, numbers, and logos are all white.

Warriors 4 Warriors 6 Warriors 7

Amazingly, this is now the 3rd consecutive season in which the Warriors have unveiled a new sleeved alternate jersey. They were the first team in the NBA to start the trend when they unveiled an all-gold alternate that made them look like basketball-playing bananas, then they toned down their 2nd effort with a look that was basically the home uniform with sleeves on it. Now, they’ve decided to go wild again, and this look is definitely a unique one, to say the least.

One thing is clear: Again, the sleeved jersey movement continues to cement itself in the NBA, and now it’s also clear that adidas has decided to use the Warriors as their guinea pigs for this experiment. What do you guys make of the entire thing, though? Are you a fan of the look? Do you dig the slate? Or do you think that they need to just scrap this whole thing and burn the jerseys while they still have time during the NBA preseason? Don’t be shy, let us know how you really feel.