Orlando Magic Officially Reveal Sleeved Pride Jersey

Magic F

Yesterday, the Warriors decided to add a new color to their official color scheme just so that they could come out with a black sleeved alternate. (I’m sorry, but I’m just calling a spade a spade. It’s officially referred to as “Slate,” but that is black.) Today at their media day event, the Magic joined the ranks of teams with sleeved alternates as they decided to utilize a seldom-used color in their scheme: Silver! The result is a pinstriped sleeved alternate for the Magic.

Magic 3

Silver’s been used mostly as an accent color for the Magic over the years, so seeing it utilized in a uniform is pretty nice. With that being said, adidas has once again decided to go down the sleeved uniform route, so that makes this a bittersweet moment of sorts. Despite being a clear departure from the 3 regular uniforms that the Magic wear, the sleeved cousin of the bunch does share one design element: Pinstripes. However, with the sleeves, it makes the uniforms look more like a pajama set than a basketball uniform.

Magic 2

Over on twitter, Chris made the observation that the sleeve design actually made it look like there was an undershirt underneath. Further proof is that the striping on the sides of the shorts and jerseys end near the sleeve, when they could have easily gone with a racing stripe design on the shoulder. So the undershirt theory is definitely standing on solid ground, here. I just wish that there weren’t any sleeves, period, because this could have been a really solid alternate otherwise. That’s just my opinion, though.

Magic 1But what do you make of it? Do you like it, or are you starting to get fatigued with this sleeved jersey trend?