New Pelicans Court Has Sublimated Image Of Pelican Within Arc

Pelicans F2

Earlier during this NBA offseason, Zach Lowe of Grantland not only revealed a bunch of new court designs while ranking each and every court design in the NBA, but he also had this tidbit to share:

The Pelicans have a brave proposed court redesign that might be the league’s boldest, but they have not received final approval to deploy it this season, per several league sources. 

Well, it appears that the Pelicans have indeed received approval for their new court design, and although it’s not as wild as some of the courts that we saw in the ’90s, it’s definitely the most unique court in the NBA right now.

h/t to @ZachLowe_NBA for releasing this mockup

Yes, that’s the team’s Pelican logo sublimated throughout the interior of the 3-point arc. Now, when you see a player on the wing, they will literally be on the wing (I’m sorry, it was just so obvious!). It’s definitely a wild design, and it will stick out in the crowd when it comes to present-day NBA courts.

Pelicans 2-
h/t to @Philup_BooDro for the photo

But what do you think? Are you a fan of the court? Was it wild enough for you?