The Fisherman Returns: Isles Announce Throwback Plans

New York Islanders Fisherman Jersey 1995

Most of us thought this day would never come.

The New York Islanders will be bringing back their infamous blue, teal, and orange “fisherman” logo for a yet-to-be-announced date during the 2014/15 NHL season, the special jersey will be worn during the pre-game warmups only and will feature a modernized version of the oft-criticized logo.

“It’s part of our history, I saw probably five to 10 people in Brooklyn wearing that jersey. I think it’s gotten a cult following.” – Islanders Sr. Marketing Manager Eileen Mathews to Newsday

It’s all part of the Islanders plans to celebrate their final season playing at the only place they’ve ever called home, Uniondale, NY’s Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Following the season the Isles will be heading west to play the 2015-16 season out of Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

New York Islanders Fisherman Fishsticks Logo 1995-1997

The Islanders originally unveiled the new logo, colour scheme, and uniforms on June 22, 1995 — the same day the Washington Capitals unveiled their completely re-done logo and colour scheme switching from red-white-blue to blue-bronze-black. Neither re-branding lasted long, the Caps went back to a modernized version of their old look in 2007. New York, of course, went back as soon as possible, the fisherman was gone for good just two years after its debut, replaced by the old logo with a darker shade of blue.

Yes, that logo and uniform was a terrible mistake by the club, but I gotta give them credit for quickly responding to the cries from their fanbase and reverting almost instantly. While I absolutely hated it while it was in use I would have loved it if the Isles were to bring back the actual original 1995/96 “fisherman” uniform for an in-game appearance during the season to come rather than just the “modernized version for a pre-game skate”. Such a tease.

New York Islanders Uniform 1996-97

Fans will have a chance to purchase these new fisherman uniforms, they will be auctioned off after they are worn, proceeds going to charity.

The Islanders also announced that for their final regular season home game in Nassau County they will be wearing their original 1972-73 season uniform, that game will be on April 11th and will be against the Columbus Blue Jackets.