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Cavs Unveil Navy Alternate To Go With New Court


With the arrival (or should we say, the return) of LeBron James in his prime, you know that two things are going to happen to your franchise: 1) You’re immediately going to be in the title picture and 2) Your jersey sales are going to go through the roof. As such, the Miami Heat took advantage of this by finding excuses to wear new uniforms in an effort to sell as may LeBron jerseys as possible. Now, it appears that the Cavs are doing the same thing, as they’ve revealed a brand new navy alternate jersey which will be worn for their home opener.

CavsAltThe jersey will fit right in with the team’s new court design, which was revealed last week in a bit of a surprise. On one of the sidelines, the team’s motto (“All For One. One For All.”) is emblazoned across the bottom, and it’s also on the jock tag of the new alternate jersey. Talk about brand synergy.


Last night, the owner of the Cavs gave us a sneak peak at the new jersey on twitter, and it was mostly just a closer look at the chest of the jersey:

CavsAlt2Overall, the jersey itself is simply a navy version of the other 3 jerseys that they have, but once again, when you have LeBron on your team, then you’ve gotta get that jersey money any way that you possibly can. The uniform itself isn’t anything spectacular, but the Cavs’ current uniform identity itself isn’t spectacular, so if the Cavs were going to get an alt then it probably wasn’t going to be anything wild. Instead, we get this: A nice, decent-enough alternate jersey for Cleveland.

But what do you guys think? Do you think it’s a solid uniform for the Cavs, or do you think that they should’ve tried something else?