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College Football Uniform Roundup: 10/11/14


In what is probably going to be a regular feature here, we’ve decided that instead of trying to cover each and every college football uniform happening by itself, we’re going to round them all up and cover every college football uniform rumor that we can find in one weekly catch-all post. Why? Because there’s just far too many uniform unveilings that go on in college football on a weekly basis. The Oregon Ducks are the best and worst thing to happen to college football’s uniform scene. They’re the best because they give us uniform nerds plenty to talk about, but it’s also the worst because, honestly, most of these looks are pretty ugly. But, it’s like a train wreck: They’re too garish to not look at, and someone’s gotta cover them, so here I am. So, without further ado, here we go. Remember, these are all new looks just for this week. This week!


Arizona State

These “Desert Fuel” uniforms were unveiled during the Summer, and the players were given the option to wear these for the Notre Dame game this weekend. They took that option, and now we’ll be seeing the normally maroon-and-gold team taking the field in anthracite-and-copper!

Arizona State1 Arizona State2 Arizona State3



The school will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 1964 National Championship-winning squad by wearing throwbacks that are pretty close to what they wore back then, complete with the retro Razorback on the helmet. This also might be a subliminal shot at Alabama, who also claims 1964 as a title-winning season and they also just happen to be facing Arkansas this weekend. Go figure.


Arkansas1 Arkansas2 Arkansas3



It looks like Army will be busting out the black camo Pro Combat uniforms that they’ve worn a few times over the years. This is a rare case where a camo design on a sports uniform actually makes plenty of sense!

Army1 Army2 NCAA Football: Western Kentucky at Army

Georgia Southern

It’s homecoming weekend for the Eagles, so the team that normally runs out dressed like a blue version of Alabama has decided to get really fancy for Homecoming by hopping on the silver/gray bandwagon with this set.

Georgia Southern1 Georgia Southern2 Georgia Southern3

Iowa State

The Cyclones will be wearing red-yellow-yellow for this weekend’s matchup against the Toledo Rockkets.

Iowa State1Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, depending on whether or not you subscribe to the theory that any publicity is good publicity), they managed to find a very unlikely supporter in the form of McDonald’s. H/T to Lost Lettermen for pointing this out and showing everyone exactly why McDonald’s is in Iowa State’s corner, here.

Iowa State2


Whenever there’s a night game in Ann Arbor, the Wolverrines normally mark the occasion with a special jersey. Last year, it marked the introduction of the fauxback uniforms with the bumblebee-esque sleeves. This year, they’ve gone a bit more modern with their look (or at least the numbers), and they’ve also introduce blue pants to the scheme. Michigan normally wears either yellow or white pants, so this may very well be the first time in the storied history of their program that they’ve chosen to wear blue pants.

Michigan4 Michigan2 Michigan Michigan3Minnesota

Minnesota will be wearing alternate helmets for their home game against Northwestern. The helmet includes the school’s slogan on the helmet stripe. It’s a sharp helmet, no doubt.

Minnesota2 Minnesota

NC State

Last season, NC State made school history but putting their mascot Tuffy onto one of their alternate helmets for the first time in the school’s football history. Now, the Wolfpack have decided to come out with another helmet with Tuffy’s likeness on it. This time, it’s just his head.

NC State


These uniforms actually won’t be worn this week, but they made enough of a splash that we’ve got to cover them in this week’s post. Northwestern revealed their new “Gothic” uniforms that will be worn for their home game on the 18th against Nebraska. For more information on the backstory of these uniforms, check out NU’s press release. But for now, check out the arch on the back of the helmet!

Northwestern Northwestern2 Northwestern3


Tomorrow afternoon, the Boilermakers will be having their “Hammer Down Cancer” game, and they’ve decided to mark the occasion with these special helmets. The uniforms, well, they aren’t so special.

Purdue Purdue2 Purdue3UTEP

The Miners of El Paso will be taking it back to the late ’80s with this throwback-inspired helmet.



There you have it, those are all the major college football uniform changes for this week. Of course, knowing how crazy things are with college football uniforms at this point in time, don’t be surprised to see even more changes later on. Maybe we’ll see some new changes right at kickoff for some teams. So this list could get bigger or get smaller if they run afoul of NCAA rules (which, rumor has it, Army’s uniforms just might despite them being A-OK the last time they wore them).

So, don’t be afraid to post any other new looks in the comment section below, and also let me know of any that I might’ve missed!