Midnight Green Eagles Jerseys Arrive But Not In Time To Avoid All-Black Unis


Remember during the preseason when news came out that the Philadelphia Eagles would be unable to wear their Midnight Green uniforms for the first part of the season because Nike couldn’t get them manufactured on time? Well, the good news is that the jerseys have finally arrived, and are probably ready to be worn during games now. We’ll get to that later so we can end this post on a good note.

The bad news is that in the meantime, the Eagles pulled the trigger on wearing what might be one of the uglier-looking combos in the NFL right now. The only colored jersey in their identity was their black alt, so the Eagles decided to wear their all-white combo for every game so far this season, home and/or away. Unfortunately, with the Eagles making an appearance on Sunday Night Football last night, they decided to switch things up by introducing a set of black pants.

EaglesBlack3 EaglesBlack1 EaglesBlack2I’ve always been pretty critical of the black Eagles alternate jerseys, but couple that with the black pants and you’ve got a pretty bad look for Philadelphia. The last picture above shows the gulf in quality between the Eagles’ alternates and the Giants’ excellent road uniforms.

Now, I promised you good news, and here it is: The Midnight Green Eagles jerseys have arrived! The team decided that today would be Team Photo day, and the squad took those photos wearing the midnight green uniforms.

Credit to @psut97 on twitter for this screencap


Better late than never, I suppose. So, what do you all make of this? Glad to see that the green unis are finally back? Did you agree with my feelings on the black unis? Let us know what you think!