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College Football Uniform Roundup: 10/25/14 Weekend


It’s Friday, so other than being the best day of the week for anybody still in school or with a regular 9-to-5 job, it’s also the day where we try out best to round up the most important uniform news in this past week, so that there won’t be too many surprises on Saturday. A few of these uniforms have already been worn (either in the past or earlier this week), so you’ll get a few action shots in this post, so that’s always nice. But, you’ll also get some brand new looks, and that’s even better. So let’s stop stalling and get into it. *** Arkansas State and Louisiana-Lafayette Both of these schools busted out brand new looks earlier this week for their game on Tuesday (yes, Tuesday. Welcome to mid-major college football!). Arkansas State debuted a new helmet, while the Ragin Cajuns had brand new uniforms from head to toe. The helmets were black w/ silver facemasks and a chrome finish, including a red Fleur-De-Lis on one side and a red number in the team’s font on the other side.

Arkansas State Arkasas State and Louisiana Lafayette Louisiana Lafayette

Louisiana Lafayette 2

Louisiana Lafayette 4Louisiana Lafayette 3

East Carolina

The Pirates have worn this alternate a few times before, and they brought it out again for their mid-week game against UConn. We’re including this because this is a shining example of when Black For Black’s Sake goes right. A team called the Pirates wearing uniforms that try to invoke the spirit of Jolly Roger? It makes all the sense in the world. Could be done a bit better, but it’s a great idea.

East Carolina 1 East Carolina 2 East Carolina 3Illinois

We covered these uniforms in last week’s post, but they’re actually wearing them this week. Illinois also put out a few more pictures of the “Gray Ghost” uniforms, so we may as well share them here as well.

Illinois R3 Illinois R1 Illinois R2Louisiana Tech

This is a brand new helmet design for the Bulldogs (or at least I hope so, I know I’ve missed on a few of these but the changes are dizzying so forgive me), but it’s not exactly wild or crazy with some sort of weird finish on the helmets. Instead, it’s just the team’s logo on a white helmet with a blue-white-red-white-blue helmet stripe. Simple, but stylish.

Louisiana Tech 2 Louisiana Tech 1

Mississippi State

The #1 ranked team in the nation has worn special uniforms commemorating the 100th anniversary of Scott Field for all but one home game this season. However, due to the popularity of these uniforms, there have been rumors that a white jersey could surface. Those rumors got even louder when an image of a white replicas being sold in an on-campus Barnes and Noble surfaced on twitter. Although the white jerseys haven’t been officially unveiled yet, don’t be surprised if you see the Bulldogs run out in these particular white jerseys tomorrow afternoon.

Mississippi State


For Pitt fans who have fond memories of the days of Dan Marino, this is going to be an extremely welcome sight. The Panthers have brought back the old “Pitt” script helmet logo, but they’ve given it a modern paint job. Pitt will be wearing these helmets for their upcoming homecoming game, but here’s hoping that it stays around a lot longer.

EDIT: We’ve just got word that these helmets will be the new permanent design for Pitt. So yes, they’ll be staying a bit longer.



Speaking of helmets I botched on, the Utah Utes have worn their white helmet before. What they haven’t worn before, however, is this particular helmet design. They’ve already got a matte black helmet in rotation (one with a red logo decal and the other with a white logo decal), but this time, the Utes have gone with a chrome logo decal, in addition to the logo being oversized.

Utah 2 Utah 1West Virginia

Lastly, the Mountaineers will be wearing yellow-white-yellow for the first time in school history. Twitter user 740JZD came up with a photoshop of the new look, which you can see in the first photo below. The second photo is an mockup of what the uni would look like on paper.

West VirginiaWest Virginia 2


There it is: All of the big uniform news in college football. As usual, I’d expect there to be a few changes on Saturday, even right up to kickoff, so we probably haven’t seen the last of new college football looks this weekend.